Screen Truepress Jet W3200

UV Flatbed 3.2 Meter Wide-format Inkjet Printing System

High Speed Printing at Commercial Quality:

If printing is simply “fast” but the quality is unsatisfactory, POP advertisements are virtually meaningless. The Truepress Jet W3200UV HS delivers a class-leading speed of 150 Sqm per hour at true commercial quality. Short-turnaround work or jobs with multiple requirements can now be handled with speed.

Standard Model- Truepress Jet W3200UV offering a top printing speed of 85 Sqm per hour, If job volumes increase, this system can be upgraded on site to Truepress Jet W3200UV HS specifications. With its choice of two models the Truepress Jet W3200UV series accommodates any workflow.  

Nozzle Mapping Function: with the installation of the nozzle mapping function, in the unlikely event a print nozzle becomes clogged, another nozzle will take over its operation. This ensures continuous operation with no loss of either productivity or image quality.

Auto Cleaning Function: The auto-cleaning function can easily be run from the touch panel during daily maintenance to ensure the Printhead module is always in the best possible condition. This dramatically reduces the labor and lost time usually associated with troublesome Printhead cleaning procedures.

Flexibility to handle various media types: the Printhead unit has been fitted with new proprietary UV lamp shutters. The panel monitor can be used to easily adjust the respective intensities of the left and right UV lamps to any of 100 levels. The new system provides improved control of heat-sensitive materials, adhesives and odors from cured inks.

Safety measure to prevent accidents and injuries: The installation of area sensors allows printing to be stopped automatically if an operator or object enters a particular area, helping to prevent accidents. Collision prevention sensors are also installed in the Printheads, this time helping to prevent damage to the Printheads caused by any impact with print media.

Flexible inks that stand up to bending and folding: Unlike standard UV printing inks, these  inks do not crack when the printed media is bent, so the Truepressjet W3200 UV series can be used to print on tarpaulins, wrappers and other media that will be bent or stretched after being printed.

Six Vacuum Zones: the Printing Bed is divided into Six Vacuum zones. The suction strength and vacuum area can be controlled according to the size and type of the media. This allows any material to be fixed securely, delivering consistently stable printing.

PIN System: The printing table is equipped with POP-UP type registration pins that enable smooth positioning of media. Any media can now be set quickly and accurately. 



Lenticular: Lenticular printing can be used to produce various high-impact 2D and 3D effects that create the feeling objects are literally jumping out of printed media or patterns are changing and moving.

Multi-Layer: A multi-layer function providing precise overprinting of up to eight layers is now installed as a standard feature. The new function allows each layer to be set individually with the most suitable print mode. Window films with different designs can be printed on the top and bottom layers. Both sides appear as normal images, allowing layouts with different text or designs.

Backlit day-Night display: This printer is capable of creating a day-night display that uses ordinary ambient light for day time display and integrated backlighting for night time display. While the top and bottom layers have the same design, the bottom layer is printed with a different halftone density, making it possible to reproduce the same density during the day time as at night time.

Matte & Silk: UV curing has the unique ability to create a matte finish when performed quickly and gloss finish when performed slowly. The Truepress Jet series takes advantage of this feature by using its proprietary UV lamp shutter to precisely control the exposure timing of the UV lamp. This enables the creation of Matte or Silk finish textures whenever required.

Eight Superimposed layers: Thanks to its advanced UV curing and high-precision flat Printhead transfer systems, this printer is able to print up to eight superimposed layers. The lower layers can be rapidly built up in high-speed mode, with the top layer printed in high-quality mode to create an attention grabbing raised finish. This function makes it possible to quickly output materials with embossing and other “three dimensional” effects.

Trick Backlighting: Trick backlighting combines backlit panels to produce a unique effect. While the light of the panels is off, reflected light displays the front-most image layer. However, when the panel lighting is turned on, the backlight illuminates the design and lettering printed on the mask layers. Different design effects can be produced during the day and night time, making this medium ideal for outdoor advertising. 


High-quality printing at a resolution of 1,000 dpi (apparent):

The Truepress Jet W3200UV series use high-precision linear drive motors to deliver instantaneous power to the Printhead unit and print table. The ability to adjust the transfer speed of the heads allows the accuracy of drop placement for the ink to be optimized, enabling sharp printing of even very small characters.

The adoption of piezo on demand Printheads also achieves high-quality printing at an apparent resolution of 1,000 dpi. While the standard model is optimized for production of POP displays, the HS model is able to deliver photographic quality finishing thanks to its Fine Photo Quality Mode.


Optional- Industrial built Roll to Roll System:

To increase the flexibility and functionality of the Truepress Jet W3200UV, an industrial quality Roll to Roll system can be added. It seamlessly integrates with the flatbed configuration to turn it into the industry’s most versatile wide-format printer to also print saleable quality on roll media with speeds over 150 Sqm/hr

The system is able to handle rolls up to 3.2m wide and fitted with high precision components to ensure accurate and wrinkle free media transport. The operator can switch from flatbed into roll mode in the time it takes to walk around the machine. The GUI will automatically switch accordingly to facilitate advanced step & repeat and queuing possibilities.

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