Onyx Series

Markforged 3D printing empowers engineers to quickly 3D print strong parts in hours, freeing expensive CNC machines to focus on production parts. Onyx gives the ability to combine the strength of Markforged parts with the beauty of chopped carbon to create rigid parts that can be used in customer-facing assemblies. Onyx takes advantage of the material properties of nylon and micro-carbon reinforcement to provide dimensional stability suitable for engineering challenges and offers a smooth printing experience.
Engineered for engineers:

With the toughness of nylon, stiffness of a fiber reinforced plastic, and a heat deflection temperature of 145°C, Onyx is perfectly suited for applications that demand a high-performance material

The parts you design are the parts you get: 

Added microcarbon reinforcing fiber makes for more stable parts, driving increased dimensional stability and print success rate

Cut post-processing out of your workflow: 

Onyx delivers a stunning matte black finish perfect for end use parts, meaning your designs can be taken off the build plate and put right into action without chemical or mechanical finishing.

The Markforged Advantage: 

Onyx can be used alone, or further reinforced with embedded continuous carbon fiber, Kevlar®, or fiberglass layers —parts truly transcending the limits of conventional 3D printed plastic.


The Onyx 3D Printer Series from Markforged is the most accessible desktop 3D printer family on the market, uniquely designed to print beautiful carbon black parts.

Integrated System 

No other 3D printer on the market is designed from the ground up — hardware, software, and materials — to uniquely create chopped carbon fiber parts — a revolutionary material with beautiful surface finish, stiffness, and temperature tolerance. 

Start with the Onyx One to create parts for a wide variety of applications using our acclaimed Onyx chopped carbon fiber filament.
Step up to the Onyx Pro for the impressive strength Markforged is known for by adding continuous fiberglass for strong composite parts.


Designed for Easy Upgrades 


Onyx Series printers are dependable and robust, built to handle tough requirements of engineers and heavy-use environments. Easily upgrade the Onyx One to the Onyx Pro when you are ready for a significant boost in strength. 


Printing Technology Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Continuous Filament Fabrication (CFF) 

Build Size (X, Y, Z) 320mm x 132mm x 154mm

Material Compatibility Onyx One: Onyx Onyx Pro: Onyx and Continuous Fiberglass 

Highest Layer Resolution 100 Microns (FFF) 

Extruders/Nozzles Dual/Quick Change 

Pause/ Resume Prints Yes


Chassis Anodized Aluminum Unibody 

Build Platform Kinematically Coupled 

Draft Blocking Enclosure Yes 

Interface 4” Touchscreen


Software Cloud Based 

Supported OS Mac OS 10.7 Lion +, Win 7+, Linux1 

Supported Browser Chrome 30+ 

Supported Files .STL 

Connectivity WiFi, Ethernet, USB Flash Drive


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